Our Story

From Banking to Baking!


Sophie, started her career as a Corporate Lawyer in France. Inspired by new ambitions, she quit her job and comfortable Parisian life to start a brilliant career in Banking in New York. After 7 years, she said “New York is right for me, but not Finance”.


In 2011, Sophie reset her career again and became a yoga teacher for those suffering from physical & emotional trauma. It was during her trip to Uganda, where she taught yoga to former child soldiers, that she took the time to think about what she really wanted to do with her life.

Sophie decided to turn her passion for baking into a job.


“I do think that the best way of being very good at what we do, is to love it. I love baking as it is both a way to express creativity and to share happiness with people in a concrete way”.

Caprices was born…


Currently, Sophie lives in Manhattan with her husband and their two sons.


We buy raw high quality ingredient and we bake everything from scratch everyday on premise!

We  never compromise on health and well-being.

We fight the pesticide vader and hormone troopers by investing our money in the right stuff Organic when possible, always Natural, Seasonal and Local.

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